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Veteran Owned

How a Cigar and a Lakers Game Gave Birth to TicketBunny



On November 10th, 1775, the United States Marine Corps was born at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the story goes, the Continental Congress authorized the Marine Corps and when you need to recruit some stiff-jawed brawler worthy of the title of Marine in the 17th century, you head to a bar. As a Marine veteran myself, I can testify to you that any Marine knows this story and if someone claims to be a Marine and doesn’t recognize that date in history, chances are that you’ve got a little stolen valor on your hands.


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Marines take deep pride knowing that they were born in a bar and it is with that in mind that I would like to confess to you that TicketBunny was born in a hot tub. As much as you might envision some scandalous scene, it was really just my buddy and I enjoying a cigar when I brought up the idea to go to a Lakers game. Fast forward to today and we’ve got one of the hottest growing ticketing platforms online and we've even managed to become Snoop Dogg approved. That’s right, the Snoop D*O*Double G thanked us for making live venues more affordable and even called us the real MVP’s for it. So, let’s talk more about the birth of TicketBunny and the demand for secondary ticket marketplaces.


For Every Problem There Exists a Solution

You hunger because there is such a thing as food. You thirst and there exists water to quench that thirst. You desire a little romantic time with someone special because, you know, Netflix and chill exists. For every longing we experience in humanity, there exists its proper satisfaction. For myself and my buddy, we were talking basketball in the hot tub while enjoying a cigar and wanted to see Kobe Bryant in action. The game of basketball exists, the Lakers exist, and Kobe existed at that time (Rest In Peace to a legend of the game and to the world), so this shouldn’t be a hard problem to solve. Right?


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That’s when I headed over to a large ticketing platform that, for competitive SEO reasons, I won’t name by name here. Let’s just say it rhymes with "FlicketFaster". I found some reasonably priced tickets and went in for the kill. They make you sign up for an account and all before checkout, which I did, and that’s when I got hit with a fortuitous surprise. FlicketFaster was about to charge me hundreds of dollars in just fees on top of the price of the tickets. This seemed downright criminal. It wasn't a surprise when I learned they had been sued successfully on more than one occasion due to deceptive advertising. Now, I say fortuitous because that outrage is what gave rise to TicketBunny.


No Fee Tickets Is the Name Of Our Game

Now, FlicketFaster had such a dominant space in the market that they could charge whatever fees they wanted and people would likely keep coming back. They’ve managed a near monopoly on the live events industry. As a Marine, I’d rather fight my way out of a problem until death than to surrender. That very night, we came up with the name TicketBunny, bought the domain name the very next day and within 60 days we had built the website, partnered with a ticketing provider and gave birth to


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Most importantly, we were dedicated to the principle that we could do this without adding fees to our tickets. Like Snoop said, we wanted to make live events more affordable. That’s why we implemented another idea that was created in the hot tub that night and that was a payment plan option. Why not? People set up payment plans for all sorts of products and the one thing I’ve never regretted spending money on was an experience. Life is short and I intend to get the most out of it while helping you do the same. All made possible through PayPal Credit at checkout, offering interest free payments if paid within six months. Payment plans isn't the only thing we intend to do for you. Stay tuned for the launch of TicketBunny's loyalty rewards program, BunnyMoney!


TicketBunny Is Your New Affordable Ticket Solution

The Marine Corps was born in a bar and TicketBunny was born in a hot tub. In both cases, I’m proud to say that I am part of an organization that is dedicated to solutions. Granted, the first solution is to gift a little violence to bad people around the world and the latter is to gift live experiences to good people right here at home. Yet, they are both solutions of which I am extremely proud. 

Browse around TicketBunny and find your live experience! Personally, I think we have all missed one too many live experiences over the past year of COVID-19 and I intend to make up for that deficit and live life to the fullest going forward. Join me and I hope that this will be the start of a long lasting relationship between your thirst for life and TicketBunny. We didn’t even have to share a hot tub together to get it going!

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